*Throttle Will Now be cut*

I was using my phone to fly from Dubai Intl. to San Francisco Intl. I was almost there and decided that while I was waiting, I would watch some replays of some previous flights on my iPad. Right as I pressed replay, on my phone it said that my throttle will now be cut because I was logged into another device. Can there be a warning to let to know that there is a flight going on on another one of your devices so that you at least know that you are about to doom your entire flight. At least something on the device that you are currently logging into, and not on the device that you are flying on.

Well you seem to know this now. So you really don’t need it. Many others know this too because there was a server issue a few weeks ago and our throttles were being cut because it thought we were on other devices.

I do agree with you that this would probably be useful for some users. Once you’re TL2 (”Member“) feel free to make a #features request on the issue, thanks!

For more on TLs (Trust Levels) See the topic below:

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