Throttle will now be cut.

Pretty much sums it up.

Hello Michael, this could be happening for 2 reasons.

  1. If you don’t have pro and are attempting to leave a region (You have already mentioned you have Pro)

  2. If another person in playing Infinite flight on another device you own with the same account details, which is against the terms of service.

Please make sure none of this is happening, if it isn’t, we might need to call in the big guns.

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Whoever else is using your account, whether a stranger or yourself, try to let them know.

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So, I’m assuming I’m wasting my time waiting in the middle of nowhere?

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Try logging out of your Infinite Flight account on both devices, then sign in with one device and start a flight on Solo. Let us know if your throttle cuts or not.

It can happens if the servers get overwhelmed by load. Sometimes it will happen in the middle of nowhere.

So, I guess to be specific, am I assuming that I’m wasting my time that nothing can be done to fix this issue? Which is kind of what I was expecting, but I thought I would still check.

What did it specifically say. IF doesn’t just cut your throttle without saying the reason. And no we’re trying to help you to resolve this issue.

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Sorry if I shouldn’t but @schyllberg can you help us please?

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It seems like you’ve been hacked… That’s a pretty serious accusation to what might just be a minor system error…

@Michael_Corpus this is an issue that had been reported by other members before. If you wait for a moderator to either respond here or contact you directly, I’m sure they can track back your flight and hopefully give you a deeper insight into the issue.

And until then, it would be nice if we could avoid throwing random comments and suggestions at the OP 🙃


That shouldn’t be the problem unless he loads up a flight or ATC session on another device, from my experience at least. Even if he just opened the app, nothing should happened like that.