Throttle will now be cut.

Sitting here at “Airplane Location 48.97174 -56.06479” wondering why my first intercontinental flight is being cut short.

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Please explain about what happened please.


I believe you are flying out of the selected region, which is why it said “throttle is being cut”. You have to get back inside the red box and throttle will start up again.

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I was attempting to travel of EHIM to KBOS. I was probably around 57-58 nm from CYQX and my throttle was cut short. Currently and still sitting at said location, somewhat west of CYQX.

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You dont have Pro correct?

You signed in on two devices ?

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I do have pro.

I have an iPhone and iPad with the same Apple ID of that is what you are referring to?

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Huh, that’s not normal. Usually when you dont have Pro and you fly out of a region it says throttle will be cut.

Only if you are signed into IF on both devices and attempted to start flying on both.

Do you have enough fuel? (Dumb question)

19000 lbs with 793 nm to go.

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Did it say that a different person logged in on another device?

I think this should be moved to #support

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He must have Pro because you can’t get very far out of the region and he’s at CYQX

Sorry, I have no idea what I’m doing. Figured I’d start here. So, that helps, thanks. 🙌🏾👍🏾

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You flying on both at the same time ?

I just figured that out myself.

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Sorry but I have no idea what is happening to you

@Dylan_M @Joseph007, Please take your conversation to a PM. Neither of you are helping if the OP is still having the issue. Lets give the OP time to explain himself :)