Throttle stuck

Hi all anyone know why when I start a new flight the throttle gauge sits at 39% or 50% and wont change when I try and move it, it just goes back !!

Open up your Autopilot (AP) tab and see if the Autopilot was mistakenly turned on. What aircraft does this typically occur in?

Its the B787-10 and AP off !!

…and when you attempt to add or reduce throttle, it shows the input but then goes back to the power setting?

Try hitting the pause menu once; this fixes it for me.

It appears to be some sort of glitch where the aircraft gets stuck between loading and spawning; clicking pause fixes it (for me anyways).

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It might be a glitch. Can you restart your device

Yeah thats correct

This is even with engines off, very strange

Did you try this?

This happens for me (sometimes.) so maybe… clean ur screen first?

Can we please wait for the OP to try @Pingu’s recommendation first (since he says that he experienced the issue, too)?

Let’s try not to spread misinformation here.

Go to the settings and then control, You’ll see restore defults button, Click on it and tell me the result 👍

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I had a time when I couldn’t pull up. So I went into settings and made the y-axis control my elevator.

Then, tap restore defaults. And that should hopefully get your throttle working again.


Worked, thank you

Your Welcome 😁