Throttle problems

Just today did I experience, my throttle’s default had been kept to 25%… I have tried everything, I checked my joystick settings and even that is normal… any help please??

Is Autopilot turned off?

Yes sir!! Joystick is checked, I also did it manually in game but it goes back up again to 25%

If you try turning autopilot on and then off, that could help. Sometimes happens to me

Joystick Troubleshooting:
Maybe try to see if there are any updated drivers for your joystick, they would be available on the manufacturers website. Otherwise, plug your joystick into a different USB port and try that. You might want to restart your computer afterwards if you use LiveFlight Connect. Besides that, make sure that the joystick is correctly calibrated. Although that is most likely not an issue if you’ve played before just fine.

Infinite Flight Troubleshooting:
Check to see if the joystick is calibrated within Infinite Flight, and see if the null zone is correct. Try restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, delete the Infinite Flight app, restart your device, and reinstall. That may be a lot of work in terms of remapping the joystick, but that should work if all else fails.

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Nope I tried doesn’t work

Restart the app or re-install it?

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