Throttle problem

I’m currently climbing to my cruising altitude but my throttle is at 87%. This isn’t normal. My VS is 1000 fpm. I’m using flaps. What do I do?

What isn’t so not normal about it?

The fact that the throttle is so high

Your aircraft is probably heavy, that’s why.

Lower the nose, start a step climb, raise flaps. You should be good

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what do I do?

What aircraft and altitude are you flying to?

Read above what @Eiknixsis said.

Well you are using flaps (which are suppose to be retracted) so the engine has to try and keep u with the speed you are on.

I’m in a A330 and at 29000ft. I’m climbing to FL370.

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You might want to have a lower cruise though as its easier for the aircraft to fly at lower altitude as the air is thicker

Climb to 31000 first. also what is your route.

Get rid of flaps. Your high enough

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Montreal to Zurich. But IRL they climed straight to FL370

Oh okay, Lower your flaps as others have said to 0 degrees and see if that works.

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It won’t help

You’re literally supposed to retract the flaps after takeoff, my guy.


Thing is irl the A330 can climb that high straight away but I’m not sure about IF.

If the throttle goes like 101% while cruising then descend to 33000/34000

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OMG, it helped to retract the flpas

You should be good now, try it out, if it doesn’t work go lower. Good responses here. Implicate them.

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