Throttle Option to Control Different Engines


I am here to request a feature so we can make Infinite Flight more realistic. I have done my “research” and I am 99% sure this is not a duplicate. However if it is, I would like you to at least hear my idea.

How the throttle would work

So instead of having multiple throttles, I plan to still have 1.
The issues of having multiple throttles, is what prevented the other requests from becoming a reality.

So here is how I imagine the throttle.

By default the throttle would be “connected,” meaning if you were to move it up, all 2/3/4 engines would spool up.

However if you were to hold the throttle down, a screen like this would appear

Excuse my computer drawing skills


For this example I used color to signify which engines were “connected” to the throttle. If you were to press engine one or two, it would turn a different color and not be connected to the throttle. Therefor only one engine would be in use if you moved the throttle up, while the other rests at whatever N1 it is in while idle.

Look of the throttle

I suggest we have “mini throttles” demonstrating the different engines. Depending on which engines are “connected,” their mini lever would move up whenever the throttle moved up. This would allow the current size of the throttle to stay the same, eliminating the issue of screen space.

Reverse Thrust

I thought about this and figured there would be a “default.” For instance, the a380 only uses 2 engines for the reverse thrust, so that couldn’t be altered.

Please Don’t Hesitate to Suggest any Amendments!

I hope you at least consider this idea. If you have any questions, please let me know as i would love to clarify them!

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