Throttle not working in Cessna takeoff tutorial

I just got your app. I started at the most basic level and immediately ran into an issue. I was following the “instructor’s” direction. I released the brake. He told me to throttle up to 100%. The throttle wouldn’t budge. It would slide up, but remained at zero%. I read all the forum posts, but never saw a definitive answer.

I started poking buttons, and notice that AP was on. I turned it off, then the throttle would move, but it would only stay where I put it if I held it down. As soon as I released it, it would drop down to 30% or so.

Also, how does one “pull back on the yoke”? There’s no indication in the tutorial how to do so, and it isn’t obvious to me?

I am running it on an iPad Pro 9.4" under iOS 10.0.2. I have 78GB available.

I can confirm the bug in tutorials iPhone 5s 10.0.2 latest IF.

Now on to your question the tutorial is messed up. so with what it taught you go to solo, wind calm and do the same thing as instructed.

To get pitch and roll simply tilt your device top back or up for pitch up and down for pitch down, left/right for roll.


The tutorial section… Guess that’s one place you don’t look at as a tester.

Great catch!


The other day I played through the tutorials out of boredom and also noticed some bugs that would really confuse/mess up new users.

Please post them

In the “Introductory Flight” tutorial, when it spawns you in the air, the altitude, v/s, and heading autopilots are engaged, but the speed autopilot is not and the throttle is positioned at 0%. This causes the plane to lose airspeed and start a steep descent as soon as the tutorial starts, eventually crashing into the ground. At one point, the tutorial says “let’s keep the throttle all the way up for now,” implying that it was supposed to start at 100%.

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