Throttle not responding?

Hey there, this is my second issue if tonight.
I was promoted to reduce my speed below Mach 0.87 but the throttle did not respond and it took a long time to slow, and it dropped me down to grade 4, and I have spent over 700 flight hours just to lose it because of that. Is there anyone that can see my replay? Thanks

If anyone responds, I am going to bed, so I will respond tomorrow. Thanks again

Did you have the auto throttle on? If so make sure to slide down on it and deploy spoilers flight to slow down faster.

What plane were you fly? And you didn’t lose anything. There’s no violations or anything for going .87 I believe you get violations for going over .94 unless its a fighter jet and in that case no speed limits

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Hi there! I don’t believe that there are violations at .87 (as @Alphadog4646 mentioned), although I could be wrong. Make sure you don’t have autopilot on, as this restricts your ability to use the throttle slider. If the plane is on autopilot, go to the right hand side of the screen and hold down on the little box labelled SPD while dragging down. This should lower the speed. If this still doesn’t work, then put the spoilers up and maybe lower the flaps slightly?

SkyPilot15[CEO IFHUB]

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@Alphadog4646 and @rebal15, there are indeed many planes which max out at M0.87 (A320 family, B737 family, just to name a couple), even though others such as the 787 will go to M0.91 without violation, that isn’t across the board.

@Delta07 when you say the throttle isn’t responding, are you saying that the speed isn’t dropping instantaneously, because that isn’t the same thing.

You don’t specify whether you were ascending or descending, but it seems from your phrasing that you were near 350 KIAS below FL280, and didn’t notice the requirement to change to below M0.87 until at or above FL280. If that’s the case, even with gravity working in your favor, the speed has to bleed off, and that doesn’t happen instantaneously.

This isn’t a support issue. Nothing is wrong with the app, or the throttle, physics just doesn’t work that way.

Your grade will go right back to where it was within a few days time. Violations aren’t removed due to failure to plan for speed restrictions.


Hey guys sorry for not responding, I just woke up, it seems that @Tim_B described what happened to me. In that case it is my fault.
Thanks to everyone as well!