Throttle not connecting

Hello @Jesse0409 how is everything? I hope you are well. I have bad news and two excellent news.

😭 Unfortunately, LiveFightConnect is not working because it is no longer compatible with current IF version. The developer of the program is very busy, but he left it open source for someone to update (this must be a lot of work).

✨ The excellent news has other alternatives that work perfectly and that will solve your problem and have a safe flight. These are:


They work very well and the developer is very attentive.

Another option is this, but you’ll have to invest in equipment called Raspeberry and that works perfectly too.


He is an excellent developer and very thoughtful too.

Well I hope it has helped and any questions you can write to me here with your questions and so if anyone has the same question I can help too. Have an excellent day @Jesse0409!🛫🤩 👨‍✈️