Throttle N1 question

Hi guys,

I am flying with A380 load 65%, and take off throttle is between N1 95~100%

The moment while am climbing(2000v/s) or cruising at 35000ft, I usually control the throttle by myself( as the AP will reach over 100%N1 so I wanna keep it realistic) so the problem is even 100%N1 is hardly to increase the airspeed or maintain the cruise speed(as in real life I think the N1% might lower than the game…maybe 85%? or a bit more)… so I might have to push the throttle above 100%N1 to be able to maintain or increase the speed…

So what u guys usually do?

Appreciate each of ur advices

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Check out this tutorial, try step climbing as the A380 is pretty heavy aircraft. The higher the altitude the less oxygen, engines need oxygen to produce more power and speed. When you’re in a heavier aircraft you need to step climb, especially with a super such as the A388.

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To add to that you should never be at 100% N1 for any given time.


well sometimes it has to…
as u are cruising 30000 ft and the autopilot want to maintain ur cruise speed like M0.82 or more.
It will just adjust to100%N1 or even more…

what u think??

No you should never be at N1 100% you are either too heavy or need adjust you VS to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Find a real cruise power chart if you can (still quite new so this might be hard.) depending on the engine specifications, as well as temperature and pressure altitude, it may be absolutely necessary to have power at or above 100% N1 to maintain a particular altitude. I use real Boeing 737 charts to set cruise when I fly and the data they give me puts N1 at or above 100% N1 when you get high enough into the FLs.

lol I already said am cruising 30000ft not even climbing… so the VS is zero

so let’s say if am heavy, so have to do step climb… still… even from the initial altitude will give the same N1 power basically…

You should try step climbing like chief said.

well yeah if 737 is heavy then maybe…

but you know a380 in real life, it won’t accelerate up to 95%N1 tbh…even if it is climbing
but what we have the autopilot will push over 100%N1 to maintain the cruise speed in the initial( of course after several hours it won’t as the plane will get lighter)

Listen to Brandon, he knows his stuff :)

  • Set takeoff power I typically go for N1 89-92%

  • Climb out, and you can either leave the power set there or decrease it a bit. I usually leave it.

  • adjust your vertical speed to maintain the airspeed you are after. Below 10,000 knots 240-250 KIAS. Above I will go to 280-300 KIAS transitioning to M 0.84.

  • Dont set the speed until you are in straight and level flight at the altitude you want to cruise at.


If it isn’t supposed to go above N1, then #stepclimbs to your top altitude are what you’re to do with a given load.

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