Throttle loses power

Yes, I finally got it to work, not sure how though.

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do you think I should try?
did you lose any of your purchased stuff?

No, but you will lose your flight log. All your flight time and stats stay the same though.

okay thanks. ughh why do i keep spelling lose loose

Haha I hoped you’d get that message ;)
Anyways, tell me how it turns out!

haha im not sure i want to lose my flight log for a bug. Theres quite a bit there that im proud about :D

I’ve been finding other ways around the bug, and besides it only really irritates me when i need to use it manually like when taking off and on Final. I hope it doesn’t affect the next Olympic Event thats goning to be interesting landing backwards with a semi working throttle…

Yes, I’ve lost my flight log many times switching devices, but this seems like a serious bug.

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Thanks for your advice mate!

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You cant, upload it to YouTube, and put the link here :)

I don’t have a YouTube channel

Do you have a google account?

Sorry I actually do lol 😂 here’s the link:

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put that in a new line so that it saves a click!

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Got a similar bug after testing live flight Connect for Windows ( The throttel lever go up a bit slower than yours get Down) got much speed violations because of this

It’s quite annoying.

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Problem solved thanks to @niclasdoege

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