Throttle keeps resetting itself

After using the Logitech controller all weekend, I’m not now trying to use the touch controls on the iPad screen and the throttle keeps resetting its self to -0. I’ve deleted the axis and resetting the defaults doesn’t work either, anyone had this problem and fixed it?

Hey there! Have you already got a reply via PM or does it work again?

If not, Standard question first: Did you make sure your speed autopilot is deactivated?

If so: Have you restarted the app after you reset the settings? And could you share a screenshot of your controls settings, please?

All the best and a good day/night!

Did you remove the Network Controller? If you haven’t you should do that in the settings.
If the network controller has a throttle Quadrant than you need to make sure it’s unpaired.

Let me know if this helps.

See if these screen shots help also know it’s unassigned but without a controller what is it supposed to be assigned to? Once it’s back to default I thought that’s it?

USB controller would that still be possible? I’m not too familiar on the controllers yet so I’m still learning as I go.

You have to click use networked joystick again this happend to me

How can I it’s not an available option unless I’m on a network using it. I’m trying to play it mobile like before and it’s not giving me the option to.

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Idk then wish I could help.

Ok figured out how bypass it, I deleted the app re downloaded it, logged in and everything was reset back to original.


Ok. I’ll flag this topic to be closed.

Ok then sounds good.

Issue has been resolved.