Throttle keeps going up to 100%

I’m using a Logitech joystick and after reconnecting everything to the simulator, the throttle refuses to follow my joystick throttle. It stays at 100% all the time and won’t respond to any inputs from my joystick, but only when I use the throttle in game. And even then, when I bring my throttle down to 0%, it goes back up to 100%. Ive reinstalled when I came across this issue in the past and it has worked but now after reinstalling it still doesn’t resolve the issue.

You may need to look at your key mappings and see what is assigned to the throttle.

This is how my binds were a couple months ago when it was still working.

Nevermind, I noticed that it would do that after every time I paired the throttle from my joystick with the throttle in the commands section.