Throttle Issue

Sometimes I can’t push the Trottle to 0% pleas fix this bug thank you

@DS2001, On which Aircraft what device? Solo/Live? When this happen? Can you be more specific.

I’ve noticed this too on occasion. I forget which aircraft specifically, or even if it was just one aircraft. I’ll check that later. It’s almost as if it’s a sensitivity glitch, you press the throttle and try to drag it down, but it never quite reaches 0. For me this happens on an iPad 2, both solo and live, and mostly on the ground if I remember correctly. It’s kinda a hard glitch to explain…


Happens also to me sometimes while taxiing.
Infinite Flight Live, iPad 4.

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On every aircraft and on the live servers iPad mini 1 it happend on the ground

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Happens when GS > 30kts


I have this occasionally.

Used to be a lot more common but then it subsided. Recently (Earlier this week) it came back again, temporarily I hope.

Extremely annoying bug.

Long live the DC-9!

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I’m getting this issue too. Throttle sticking on somewhere like 1-4% during taxi, I can’t bring it back to 0%. I have to use brakes, and then ‘pump’ the throttle up to like 30% and reset it back down to 0%.

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sometimes during taxiing, i cant push at 0%…
If i not use the breaks, i can exceed 35 kts on a A330 with 0% load, just because i can’t descend Under 3% sometimes.

Bug fixed