Throttle increasing and decreasing like if there is gusting winds

Device: Xiaomi Poco F2 pro
Operating system: MIUI 14, android 12

So I am flying the A320 and the throttle is moving up and down as if there are gusting winds but the winds are calm at the moment. Speed aint too much affected, but it is weird that the throttle does that. So far I’ve only experienced it in the A320.

Let me know if you guys have the same issue

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If you have auto throttle on, the plane will try to keep the speed you set it to, if a gust of wind hit you from the front, airspeed will go up, throttle goes down to make it to what you set it to

I know how it works, and the winds are calm. All the planes I flew didn’t do this

Ohhh sorry I read it wrong

As an AC mechanic, idk man, sounds like picky pilots to me…

So I found you on the map and decided to check the winds on windy. As far as I can see, the winds do not seem calm. Here are two screenshots below of your location and what windy is showing me right now:

Based on the evidence above, your throttle is doing precisely what it’s supposed to be, so if you could double-check the winds from your side again and confirm, that would be great!

By calm, i mean its not changing speed every 2 seconds. its at 45kts. I flew yesterday in those winds and throttle wasn’t doing that. Maybe I’m overthinking it

ehhh so any idea to the problem?

its ok, no problem

I can assure you that nothing is wrong with the throttle and it is working as it’s supposed to. Now I have no clue about your flight from yesterday but since you’re flying into the winds on this flight + a bit of a rough patch, the throttle is bound to fluctuate in order to maintain the speed 😄…Hope that somewhat clarifies the issue!


sure sure, I’ll keep an eye on other flights. Some other users told me the same some days ago, that’s why i posted