Throttle in Systems Page

With the addition of the rudder on the lighting menu, which is amazing it’s become appearet we also need the throttle on that menu as well. I know everyone has needed a little more or less throttle making that turn onto the runway while switching strobes on.


I’d use this every time I turn into the runway! Because of not having the throttle on that page, sometimes I just turn my strobes on when told to line up and wait or takeoff before I start moving.


Yes good idea

What lighting menu?

Systems page.

Looks basically like this below

No smoking - Seat belt
Beacon ------- Landing
Nav ----------- Strobe


And where can I find that? Is it for Android or something?

Swipe right from the HUD, then you’ll see the map and go right again

Basically this screen with the throttle to the left of the speed indicator like with the HUD view

Ohhh, I never realized they put the rudder in there. Now I don’t have to switch between screens when I’m pushing back! 😄