Throttle going crazy


For the past few weeks, the throttle has been going crazy due final approach for some of my flights. Is this a known bug or is this being looked at. It has caused me to stall and crash twice so far.



Are you using speed autopilot? Was this in solo?

Speed autopilot on Training/Expert Server

I think this is due to wind and turbulence at lower altitude and speed


Sometimes, when you have strong cross winds on final, that will happen. (Happened to me)

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There was only 5-10 knot headwind in both cases

What airport this is? Are your winds (left on the HUD) going crazy/varying rapidly?


This is a known issue and happens when transitioning from one windy area, into a windy airspace.

It usually stabilizes after a while, and I’ve never experienced to be so bad that I’ve stalled.


EGLL first time and RJAA second time

As I said the wind was only about 5 knots as a direct headwinf

Are you saying the wind speeds were 100% stable? Because if so, it’s a different thing.

Did you also take gustwinds into account?

(Cause this doesn’t show in the HUD, only in the METAR I guess)

The wind was stable my aircraft wasnt rocking about

The wind wasnt gusting

That’s a first… would be great if you could get a recording of it.

Ok will do if it happens again

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