Throttle glitch

My throttle keeps bouncing around right now. Has anyone else had this issue? Below is a screen recording for reference. I’m currently on the expert server in an A321. I don’t think I’m overweight, since I’m only 2,000 over the MLW. I’m also only at FL300.

I’ve only seen this kind of glitch when the weather is acting goofy, but the weather is steady at 45kts.

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Looks like regular turbulence to me? :)
AP is doing adjustments for both heading & pitch too.


Like @schyllberg said it’s just turbulence also I mean you do have a 71kt crosswind and that’s a lot so it’s normal for the throttle to do that

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Interesting! I’ve never seen the throttle do this, except for when the wind conditions are goofy and glitch out.

Thanks for the info, guys!

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Also I would not call it a glitch it’s just because Infinite Flight uses what’s called love weather so around this time it seems to be very winds in the CA area where you are flying so this is 100% normal and not a glitch because this is what throttles do in real life as well

what I meant by “wind glitch” is when the wind suddenly starts to fluctuate rapidly. I’ve seen it bounce between 40kts and 0kts before.

It usually happens to me when I’m descending into landing. Does this not happen to other people?

Rarely for me but it does in occasional

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Sometimes this occurs to me but very minor with some winds as mentioned from above from auto pilot handles the workload

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