Throttle Cut When Watching a Replay on Another Device

Hi all, just wanted to say something really quick. I was flying on my phone and I wanted to watch the replay of my last flight. Now I was aware that if u fly/control on two devices at once it cuts ur throttle. However it does this with replays too? I think this is not okay and even when I leave the app on my other device the game on my phone will not reconnect. I understand that it’s not nice to complain about IF but this one I don’t understand… I’m not actually flying or controlling? I would have thought I could watch a replay while flying on another device? Sorry for to bother you

This is for the moment an expected behavior due to how the replays work. Granted it’s not optimal.
It’s the same if you were to for example “Fly Solo!”. The replay utilizes functionality that causes this to happen.


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