Throttle cut when viewing replay on second device

Hi, I recently attempted to fly KRDU-KPHL. I was looking at a support topic, and wanted to help out, so I watched the replay they sent me. Then, the throttle was cut on my primary device.

I wasn’t connected to the live server on the second device, so is the throttle cut supposed to happen?

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This is because when watching replays it counts as another flight on the system I believe, so it will cut your throttle as it would if you were to fly on another device with one already being used


Thanks @Chatta290 and @Captain_JR


Adding on to Chatta as a little tips/advice, that it is not the beat idea or ideal to be using two devices while flying on one. While airborne on one device, and then checking up on your account from another… eh it might not be the safest bet you’ll make.

In this case viewing replay on one device and flying on another is not recommended as the throttle cut will step in.

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