Throttle Cut Question

I started a flight last night on my IPad. It was still going when I left my house earlier today and I had been checking on it via live flight. I then went into solo mode on my phone to test something. When I checked my flight, I couldn’t find it anywhere on live flight. So, does that mean that my throttle was cut and I was disconnected even though I was in solo, or is there another issue? Thanks!

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Were your phone and your Ipad on the same IF account?

Same account, yes. It was in solo mode though.


Might be a problem if your phone and iPad are using the same account. I will try it out on my own later and report back.

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Ok, this also happened to me once. It cut the throttle because IF can only run one flight on each account. It might not be this because it was on solo but ill leave it to the pros to figure out

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One account used on two devices, solo or not = one will have the throttle cut.

I believe this was brought up way back when Global was released.


Alright, thank you! I’ll make a note of that next time.

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