Throttle Creeping Up

Hi, my throttle seems to always creep upwards, throttle is unassigned in control settings. This happens whether I use a controller or not. I uploaded a video to YouTube here:

What device and operating system are you using? Is anything connected to it that can cause this? A bit more details would be helpful.

@dfitz1000, are you sure you don’t have your auto pilot (AP) enabled?🙃

Android on a Xiaomi mipad. It happens whether my Bluetooth controller is connected or not, in which case there is nothing connected at all.

Yes just double checked and autopilot is disabled! I think it is something to do with the little orange bar you can see in my throttle settings above.

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I agree. What if you press ”Restore defaults”? It should do it.

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Very strange, restore defaults does nothing. Here is another video where you can see it creep even on the settings screen.

Try reinstalling the app, do not connect any peripherals to the device though.

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Interesting, when I start the app with the controller disconnected the problem doesn’t happen, so definitely controller related. The game is kind of useless to me without the controller though :-(

Is this something that appeared with the update?

The controller may be faulty then possibly, it could be creating an inout to increase the throttle without any actual movement.

I can’t say if it appeared with an update as I am a newbie, only downloaded the game today. As for the controller being faulty, I guess it’s possible. But 1) it works fine with other games and 2) the throttle creeps even though there is no axis assigned to it. So that would make me think it’s not the controller.

It may not be fully connected or compatible with Infinite Flight.

This is an unusual glitch but it could be responsible for so many people getting mysterious speed violations mid-flight

Bu you already said that starting the app with the controller not plugged in it does not happen.

Correct, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the controller is faulty. Anyway, I believe I have found the issue. Under the commands screen “throttle up” and “throttle down” were assigned to “gas” and “brake” buttons which don’t seem to exist on the controller. Changed them to buttons which do exist and the drift seems to be gone!

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Good to know. Thanks!