Throttle all over the place..

Anyone having issues with throttle? I have auto on and the pwr slider is going up and down, same in the cockpit.


That’s what happens with the autopilot, it will constantly adjust it to ensure it’s at the right speed.

What are the winds like?


Its never done this before, its constant.

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Basically what Chatta said, its adjusting the speed and its basically going down and up when auto pilot is engaged.

What are the winds like? And if possible can you screen record it?

Can you provide a video?

If it is moving up and down super fast it is due to turbulence.


Weather has red question mark

Even when I take it off auto, it is still erratic.

Check the winds from the wind selection on the hud bar or from the cockpit view

It does to adjust it at the right speed you set, This is really common with it when there are high winds. Just make sure what were the winds like?

See here:

What does it say for you under the heading above the mini-map?

Even with power N1 20%, maybe just a glitch… Its just odd, I have seen it adjust from time to time, but it looks as if I am manually pushing the throttle up and down at a high rate of speed. Thanks all for the input

It could be an issue or a glitch but it’s hard to say without seeing a video of it.

It’s all good, it will be fun landing at LAX in 10mins.

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