Three Whole Years on the IFC

Wow, it’s already been three years…

Three years of jokes, giggles, the constant flagging, among many other things! While I have my ups and downs with the community, I appreciate many of you and everything you do not only for me but for others and yourselves. Much of the reason I make jokes and act unserious is that I enjoy brightening others’ days. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, actually most times it doesn’t. However, many of you have become very close to me nonetheless.

Coming upon my third anniversary on the IFC, I have reflected on some of my past and most favorite little moments. Most of those are not from jokes or ****posting, but they are from the heartwarming moments where the community comes together to achieve something. Also the A220, that’s another one…

Away from that, despite previous occurrences and fallout with people, and you know who you are, I still love this community and all you do! I cannot wait to see what new hellscapes we cross and new moments (and memes) we create!

Here’s to three years, and whatever the hell we encounter further on!



Congrats on your 3 year anniversary. However, I would edit this sentence, as profanity isn’t normally allowed here. Just my two cent 🙂

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Rookie numbers

Here’s to 3 more years! 🍻


Happy 3 Year Anniversary! Thanks for making those good jokes, the IFC needs someone like that. :)

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thats literally the word hell

My apologies but I thought profanity wasn’t allowed here Captain, even if it says “hell” or whatever. If I’m wrong, thanks for correcting me.


the word hell aint that bad

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Yay happy anniversary mr funi!

Gotcha. My mom told me that it was, even though I use it about everyday… not around her of course.

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Happy anniversary, but I need that oatmeal vault :)

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You got me with the memes LOL, but happy three year anniversary!

Happy anniversary! I am about 2.5 months short of my 5 year anniversary here on the IFC! It has been an amazing journey, and I’m very happy that it was an amazing journey for you as well! Cheers to many more years to come!


I’m not sure if you have a brain to process it but you’re not getting the keys to the oatmeal vault. We lock that thing up like a nuclear launch site. Also, we’re artificially restricting the supply for a reason!

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Idc, I’ll still find that ;)

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