Three Weeks Late @ KLAX

I spotted three weeks ago at LAX and I’ve yet to show you them all, so here you go :D


Location: Clutters Park, LAX
Equipment: Sony RX10
Date: Feb 25 2022

Me and Honoring Those Who Serve keep meeting

A330 :heart:

Interesting Caption

look at this 787 dreamliner

look at this beauty!

special livery

Air Canada

TikTok and AA

Bye China

Nice Boeing 737




I thought the JetBlue special livery was peeling lol

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Nice spotting

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WOW lots of really unique aircraft! Thanks for the share!

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I think you got the swift 737 and united 787 mixed up otherwise terrific shots!!

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I know, it was intentional 😂

Thank you all!

Air Tahiti has one of the best liveries

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Nice spotting! I love the humor and jokes 🤣

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That JB Brooklyn Nets Livery is a beauty😍.


Yes it is I’ve been on it had it blow my hat off!!😂😂

Where is the dreamliner?

He’s joking, he’s saying the 737 is 787 and 787 is 737

Greattt shots! Love them all

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