Three violations for commenting one!

I understand that to take off a violation you have to have a replay . So I was flying a route for my VA and set auto pilot and walked away for a few mins to eat dinner . I come back and had been kicked from the server for over speed violation. That was weird in it self by I had my speed set at 275 knots which was approximately 75 knots from over speed by my altitude was only 24,000. So I go look and the system had issued me 3 over speed violations for really only over speeding once and committing one violation. Well after looking the day before my system crashed and when I came back to my flight it was disconnected well not thinking about it I just started another flight and continued flying . After looking at the violation history it had kicked me out yesterday for the same thing an overspeed violation and issued three violations again for one overspeed violation. Point is I just started playing infinite flight again in November of this year and I have already flown almost 200 hours and only had one ground speed violation and now because the system issued me 6 violations for technically only committing two I can’t fly on the expert server and can’t fly with my VA that’s ridiculous to me because I applied it last night and was told due to not having a replay they can’t remove them I deleted all my replays prior to knowing I was given 6 violations when I should have received two. So my response was ok well that’s fine the two overspeed violations on there but take off 4 bc I didn’t overspeed 6 times it was only twice. The violations are still there and I can’t play on expert. So question if you are stopped by a police officer for speeding is it fair if he writes you three citations for speeding? See my point

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If you have contacted a moderator or the appeals group, their decision is final and cannot be protested. If not, it’s always not a good idea to delete your replays if you think it was there was an issue that was out of your control.

In your situation, it seems as if you went inactive while climbing, and as a result, your speed controlled itself. However, from my predictions, it seems like you were flying the Q400? If so, 275 is too fast for the Q400, and yes, 275 will give you speed violations for the Q400.

Lastly, I’d like to mention your metaphor to the police. This isn’t comparable, because well, IF gives level 1 violations periodically that are auto-generated every 20 seconds, and if you’re active and at your device, you have time to correct the mistake. It’s actually more lenient than the comparison you made.


Its our policy that without a valid replay, appeals are unable to be processed and proceed with your appeal. We/they have no way to determine what actually happened without this evidence present. Because we’ll never know if the violations were legit or not, they will have to stay on the account. Please use this opportunity to understand that we need that replay file should this happen again.

You will regain access to the Expert Server so long as your account stats will allow it. Please also keep in mind you have the Casual and Training Servers for your enjoyment as well as Solo mode and ATC if you choose to play around with that.

Thanks for the understanding!