Three-Point-Turn in a Boeing 757

Sometimes I have problems to perform a turn with my car.

Now, imagine doing a three-point-turn with a 757 using the reverse thrust (0:38 - 1:45).

I’ve never seen that even though it’s pretty common I guess. Sadly the 737 blocked the view a bit in that video.


I’ve seen this before. It’s pretty strange.


I watched this video before. It looks like the pilots missed the turn to the taxiway and tried to turn in late to avoid having to do a 360 turn at the end of the runway and then back taxi.

Interesting to watch.

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I’m more interested in the fact that it looks like whoever is filming is using a drone at some points. Wonder how legal that is lol.

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A drone was NOT used to make this video. A gigantic selfie stick was used with a Go Pro on it.

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Ahh I see now. Had to actually go to youtube to the that.

Simple reason for that:

The 757 is a boss.


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