Three Flights, Nine Photos

Collection of photos from my last few flights. First up is a LATAM 787 flight from São Paulo to Mexico City*, followed by a bit of pattern work for a Jazz Q400 out of maintenance at Halifax, and finally a United 757 flight from Denver to Los Angeles. All done on expert server. This topic will also be your break from A330 photos for today. Hope you enjoy!

*Yes these are backlit. Sunset photos are give and take - great look, poor lighting. Next time I’ll set it to early morning

Last minute equipment sub for LATAM 763 (we don’t have one in Infinite Flight) after pushback at São Paulo

On the approach to Mexico City at sunset with limited visibility

Banking with gear down for short final

Taxiing out of maintenance at Halifax for some pattern work and equipment checks

Tough and go with another new livery AC express flight in the background

Sitting at the gate at Denver prior to pushback

Over Colorado

Banking over farmland

Crossing runway 25R as we taxi at LAX


The Q-400 is such a magnificent aircraft! These photos are outstanding.

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Definitely! And thank you - glad you liked the photos!

Also thanks @Kirito_77 for the category change. Been a while since I’ve done the wrong category haha


Thats one shiny Q400!

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Certainly is! Fresh out of the hangar

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