Three Flights In 24 Hours

Hello IFC!

Today, I flew three routes and made a couple of new friends!

Route #1

Vistara 787-9
15 Hours and 17 Minutes
Expert Server
@Jabs_Raf @VelocityPL

Northern Departure from KJFK

Overhead of Pakistan/Western India

Foggy Approach into Mumbai :)

Route #2

Emirates 777-300ER
3 Hours and 20 Minutes
Expert Server

Eastern Departure from Dubai

Route #3

Aer Lingus A330-300
5 Hours and 48 Minutes
Expert Server

Northeastern Departure Following Long Island and Martha’s Vineyard

View Of Cape Cod & Provincetown, MA

Landing at Dublin :)


Hey there @NoahKerr!

These are some excellent photos, however 2 of your photos do break the requirements for the Screenshots and Videos category.

It is stated that there should be No Display Names and Player Boxes in the photos.

I suggest retaking your photos in replay mode, as this will remove all boxes and names from photos. Furthermore, you can also go into Settings → Live → and click the Player Boxes and Names. This will remove them from sight.

Other than that, these were great photos and I cannot wait to see more!


My apologies! I will remove those photos :)

Beautiful shots, I especially enjoyed Aer Lingus pics !

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Amazing screenshots!

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Very nice! Looks like some awesome flights :)

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Thank you! It was actually my first time flying the Aer Lingus A330-300 :)

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Amazing photos!

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