Three flights in 24 hours (and more to come!)

Happy Wednesday everyone!

For some reason, I’ve been feeling motivated this week to do a series of flights around the globe flying different companies and routes that I’ve hardly flew before. This is three that I did in the past 24 hours thus far! First, flew the KLM 777-300ER (The one and only Enterprise 😍) from São Paulo (SBGR) to Amsterdam (EHAM) that took a lengthy 11 hours to complete. Once there, I flew the KLM 737–900 to Leonardo da Vinci (Rome LIRF) on a short 2 hour flight. Finally arriving this morning at Boston in the Alitalia 777-200ER on a 8 hour flight across the Atlantic! Where am I flying to next? You’ll have to wait and see or find me on the Expert Server! 😉

Photo taken @ 1PM South America Brazil time at SBGL
Cruising over the Alps to LIRF. Probably around 9AM in the morning EST.
Arriving into Boston Logan around 9:30AM CST (I had to go around for a runway change while on the downwind leg)

All photos were edited with Adobe Lightroom and taken on the Expert Server!


Idk why but I feel like I saw you somewhere in the expert server lol
Anyways nice photos especially the KLM 739!


São Paulo is SBGR
SBGL is Rio de Janeiro

Apart from that, nice pics

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