Three engines, three airports

Hey there, I was bored so I thought that I should do a flight, decided to do a triangle flight from Bonaire (TNCB/BON) to Guayaquil (SEGU/GYE), with a second stop in Quito (SEQU, UIO), then back to Bonaire, (TNCB/BON).

Extra Information

Love the MD-11 a lot, flew on it a lot when I was little, but I didn’t want to do a long transatlantic flight, so I decided to do a triangle flight. Bonaire was a mini-hub for KLM until around 2011/2012 when a large amount of their MD-11s got retired, so even at such a small airport, you could see 3 MD-11s at the same time.

One problem with this flight though, is that SEQU (Quito) closed in 2013, and has been turned into a park, and unfortunately isn’t available in Infinite Flight at the moment, so I had to basically had to approach the airport as if I was landing, then take off again, trying my best not to touch down in order to not get a violation, or even crash…

Flight Number: KL753/KL754
Flight time, 2:40 to GYE, 2:43 back.
Aircraft: KLM MD-11
Server: Expert

Starting off at Bonaire.

Blasting off to Guayaquil.

Cruising near the coast of Venezuela.

On approach to Guayaquil.

Touching down at Guayaquil after about 2 hours and 40 minutes of flying.

Parked at the gate, preparing for the next stop, Quito.

Off we go to Quito. Not quite sure what happened, wasn’t accelerating quickly enough, almost ended up in the river, lol.

An amazing arrival into Quito.

Blasting off back to Bonaire.

Finally, after quite a flight, we’re back on Bonaire.

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Does this get @Topgottem’s seal of approval?


These are good shots!

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