Three Amigos Staircase to Heaven Formation Flight


We are getting more comfortable doing this kind of flight.

So which livery do you guys prefer ? Shamu? Dessert Gold ? Or Illinois One?



Pretty sure I was about couple of miles west of you when u shot this as I was also filming 😂


You never cease to amaze us!


You could have join us and film us next time @KyleDepra 😂😂👌🏽


@AviationGaming well thank you Captain 😊🙏🏽🙏🏽


These are incredible, when do you do these, I would love to join in if you don’t mind


Yes plz when


@JacksonAviation @KyleDepra we do these around 10PM US eastern time zone . Casual Server. Usually either in the SoCal Region or Midwest 👌


Fantastic screenshots. Looking great! Illinois One is too cool of a livery.


Haha I don’t know if SWV is looking for photos but these are pretty cool!


Now this is amazing! Nice shots!


Lol was this by Area 51?


This is great as always wyn ;)


Thank you guys! 🙏🏽 Yes the photos were taken near Area 51 😊👌🏽


Wow, that’s late for me to do a flight in EST. I have a group flight planned where we will be formation flying at KPDX if you want to do that!