Three airlines in three days. Why not? (Delta Comfort Plus on the 737-900ER)

Hello all! Last Friday, my family and I started a 5-day vacation over to Detroit, where we are currently spending time with family. It’s been awesome so far and I hope the next two days I have here will also be great as well. Enjoy the review!

My last two reviews if you missed them:
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So, if you didn’t see my past two flight reviews, I flew twice on June 16th. Only 34 hours after I last went to the airport and flying on Erma, my family arrived at 4:30 AM for a 6:05 AM scheduled departure. Unfortunately, things would not go our way. We decided to go to skycap check-in, and with it being only staffed with two people (normally there would be a lot more), and a film or music group ahead of us with around 30 bags (I’m not joking), made us wait over half an hour just to get our bags tagged. That almost didn’t happen as we missed the 45-minute notice for baggage, and that it could not be let onto the plane. Thankfully, the skycap agent was able to get some bag tags from the front counter (which was also very very understaffed as well). Delta had 6 flights departing from DEN within a 15 minute stretch in the morning, and both skycap for Delta and the indoor check-in had massively long lines and many people had to rush. I wouldn’t be surprised if some missed their flights. After the check-in fiasco, it was 5:20 AM, and we still had to make it to security. When it was 5:30 AM, still waiting in the security line, we even thought we would miss our flight. Thankfully, the weather in Detroit was not cooperating, and we were first delayed until 6:30 AM. My family and I breathed a huge sigh of relief as we then went through security and got some snacks for the plane. This has been the one and only time I was thankful for a delay, as initially, my parents were hesitant on leaving early, despite my suggestions for leaving earlier. Passing on that, we arrived at today’s gate, A35, which isn’t a very good gate for photography here at DEN, but I tried.

This day’s ride over to Detroit was N821DN, a 7.2 year-old 737-900ER, will be my ride over to Detroit this day. I took this around 6:00 AM, when I should have normally been on the plane. Detroit was currently in a ground stop, so the captain decided to not let us board. The gate agent announced they would try for 6:30, but at around 6:25, Delta and Flighty both sent me a notification that the flight was delayed another hour. With the extra time, I went to Dunkin Donuts and bought a donut and a Coca-Cola for the flight. I also bought a newspaper for my mom. Boarding started around 7:15, as that was when the ground stop was lifted in Detroit. When I boarded, I was given a wipe by a flight attendant (something that Southwest and Frontier didn’t do) and quickly located my seat, 11F, a bulkhead in the comfort plus cabin. The seat was comfortable, with an adjustable headrest, but the tray table was in the armrest, but it was large considering it was in the armrest. I noticed that the IFE screen was large and contained a lot of content, but I only really used it for the flight map function.

We pushed around 7:40, and it took around 25 minutes to get to the runway. We left Denver on runway 34L almost two hours later than scheduled. We took off towards the northeast, as we had to adjust our flightplan to avoid storms over the midwest. We had to take a much more northerly route because of it.

About an hour into the flight, the flight attendants started their service, and offered a selection of snacks and beverages. I went with the classic Biscoff cookies and more Coke (as I definetly needed more caffiene in my system), as well as my coke from earlier. I don’t remember if I had Biscoffs the last time I flew Delta, way back in 2014, but they were good. I also had my skittles from the other day.

Due to those aforementioned storms, we had to take a more northerly route. Normally, the route from Denver to Detroit involves flying over Eastern Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin (or Illinois), Lake Michigan, and finally Michigan. We flew over Northern Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Lake Michigan, and finally Michigan. I got to see Minneapolis-Saint Paul (the second picture out of 3) and Green Bay (last picture out of 3) as a result of our more northerly route.

We then crossed Lake Michigan, and finally crossed into Michigan proper near Manistee, and we started our descent sometime after that.

Michigan was quite cloudy, so it led to most of the state covered in clouds. We flew over Flint, as I was able to make out the airport. As we moved closer to Detroit, I thought how the delay affected my mindset as I was flustered then relaxed.

I then started to see more and more houses, and with that, we were approaching the Detroit area. We passed what felt like 200 freeways (with Interstate 696 pictured here), as well as Northland Center, an abandoned mall that has been abandoned since 2015, the last time I was in the Detroit area. We then glided into Detroit’s runway 22R, and with a decent landing, we taxiied around runway 22L on taxiway Q then pulled into the McNamara Terminal’s gate A8.

Overall, the flight was nice, minus the delay. The crew handled the delay well, and with that, I was able to finally see some family I haven’t seen in almost 3 years.

I will continue to use that 10 degree scale that I’ve used in my past reviews.

Departure Airport Experience: 5/10
Note: This was not a very pleasant experience at DEN. Long lines, almost missed bags getting on the plane, understaffed, almost missed our flight. Not fun!

Planespotting: 7/10
Note: I didn’t have a lot of time to spot, but I got a few nice shots.

Crew: 8.5/10
Note: Seemed friendly and attentive, they handed out wipes and seemed like they wanted to be there.

Food: 9/10
Note: Delta could have provided a bit more but that’s me being picky. Other than that, good food!

Seat: 9.5/10
Note: Best seat of the week. Only thing degrading this is the limited seat width and no floor storage, other than that, nice comfy seat.

IFE: 10/10
Note: Good selection of movies and other entertainment, as well as a nice map.

Cleanliness: 9/10
Note: The bulkhead floor was dirty but everything else was very clean.

Landing: 7/10
Note: Not too bad, but not super smooth.

Arrival Airport Experience: 8.5/10
Note: I got to ride Detroit’s Air Train, which was fun. Other than that, I didn’t really get to see DTW.

And that’s all! I don’t know if I’ll be posting a trip report on the way back, as it should be a similar experience but you’ll have to wait and see! Don’t forget about to check out the other reports that I did over the last week.


Great report! Thanks for sharing!

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The Denver airport is a disaster in the morning!! Last time we stayed in the Westin at the airport for a 6:30 departure on Frontier. We left at 4:30 to go check in and still had to sprint to the gate where they shut the door right behind us.

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Thank you!

I feel like there was a massive sense of urgency across the whole airport since it seemed that there was long lines everywhere so that was unfortunate.

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Ew (jk lol), nice trip reports Luke 🤩

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I mean here’s the craziness of DEN. This was at like 4pm in August of 2019.


Man, I’m gonna cry I miss this so much 😭

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It’s been awful recently, but Wednesday morning was awesome, I was through security in 5 minutes.

It was nice to fly again! I hope your first flight back will also be great!

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Nice review. Here in east asia it would be a crime for a full service airline not to provide a hot meal on a 2.5 hour flight, especially in a somewhat premium cabin. But different practices in the US I suppose.

Nice trip report.

The check in experience you described brings a sense of deja vu for me.

“It was checking in at Gatwick for a flight to Hong Kong aboard Cathay Pacific.

We were an orchestra going on tour, 70 of us - most of us with instruments and get this, one check in agent.

Long story short, arrived 4 hours prior to departure, the people at the back of the tour group queue almost missed the flight. GG Cathay, well done.”

That’s just how it is here in the states. Meals are only really provided on transcontinental or international flights, so I haven’t been able to experience something like that before, unfortunately.

Thanks! It was indeed not fun knowing you could have missed your flight. It’s quite unfortunate to know you may miss your flight due to a limited amount of staff.

That’s surprising to hear! HKIA is normally known for its efficiency.

This was at Gatwick…checking in for a flight to Hong Kong.

The experience coming back was the precise opposite…

Ah I read it wrongly - well, at least the other way back was smooth-sailing!

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