[THREAD] IF Photoshop things you want to see in the game!

Major credit to @mtjacob for inspiring this thread.

Purpose: Infinite flight is a great game and has frequent updates, but sometimes there are things that we want to see that are not YET in the game. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS NOT A THREAD TO REQUEST in game features. So people will photoshop/edit IF pictures to where they show things that they want implemented in, you can also request things as well.


So here we see taxi lights, working landing/taxi lights, and logo lights. So this is what pictures should look like, with your own implementations of edits.

All pictures and inspiration goes to @mtjacob



Cant quote for some odd reason


I would love Tail logo lights

Let’s just see what mods have to say if they like the idea and it rolls with them.

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So this is an example of it being done, so if you have seen it done please don’t duplicate.

I don’t have photoshop so don’t worry

The goal of the #screenshots-and-videos category is to get away from massive threads that go on and on. This allows individuals to highlight their work in their own thread and receive feedback that is not mixed in with a hundred other posts.

Photo examples/mock ups of features should be attached to their respective #features request.