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I didnt know if I should put this under Meta or Features but honestly, I think it is ridiculous that I cannot edit a thread that I created after a certain amount of time. I get numerous personal messages and posts on the Virtual Airlines Database to update it and I cannot do anything about it.

I have sat here the last few days and have gone back reading every thread that has been created for the past 2.5 months trying to get enough posts read to get back to regular and have not attained the position.

I move to change this at least so that I can edit the Database without having to ask others to edit it for me.


Really, all you can do is wait or get a manual promotion

I don’t think it’s too ridiculous, I think it’s done this way so people create new relevant posts instead of editing old ones. In this case, that doesn’t really apply though.

That being said, if anyone has any topic they need edited, please PM me and we can assess the issue:)


It’s harder to get the Regular status now though…

The edit grace period is currently set to 60 days … one would hope that after 60 days you are done editing your original post.

This forum is not a wiki; there is a wiki functionality that is given to regulars (IIRC).


Correct. Regulars can turn (their own) old posts into a wiki to edit it if wanted. Very few old posts should need editing.

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