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How do I bump a thread?

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Just simply reply ;)


This is a term I have not heard yet, what is “bumping” a thread?

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Just try not to bump a topic that hasn’t been replied to for years. In that case, you are welcome to create a new topic of that thread


Replies bring the thread immediately to the top of the list at the home menu. Hence why they call it “bumping it up”


Ah, never heard it called that before

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The real question is why are you bumping it? Bumping it by not adding any value to the thread is frowned upon.

Bumping an old thread can also be considered “necroposting” which is bringing a thread back from the dead with a post that added no actual value to the thread.

For example, replying to a two year old livery request thread by simply saying “We need this” is not really a good idea. If you like a feature, vote for it.


I was bumping it because I wanted to know if anybody else would like to join

In all honesty, your event is over three months away. You are going to have a hard time with people committing to a date that far in the future.


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