Thoughts on UK GOV A330?

So this isn’t new news but I was wondering what everyone thinks about the UK Government’s plans to refurbish their A330 tanker and turn it into a British equivalent of an Air Force One (in the end this should save the UK nearly £1m a year).
Is it worth the upfront cost?
Should the Royals have access to it?
Should it be a standard configuration or similar to AF1?
Anything else? :p



It’s well needed! Most governments have their own aircraft so why shouldn’t we? I can’t believe people are actually protesting against this. It’s quite embarrasing that our own parliament have to rent out planes from BA and Virgin Atlantic.

Yes they should, or better yet they should have their own aircraft seperate to the prime ministers.


I think it’s awesome! do you think it should be furnished and equipped as well as other presidential planes?

The AF1 is an aircraft that´s a flying command center, seems like the U.S became a tad apocalyptic after the 9/11.


hahahaha its true! I would love to see the UK preparing for the zombie apocalypse too though.


Sweet idea. Would love to see an A330 Tanker in the states. That will never happen as long as Boeing keeps hassling the USAF to purchase more KC-46s :rolls eyes:


Depends on how paranoid and wasteful the gov’t is.

His name always makes me think of movie producers for some reason.


Hahahaha I thought it would be the Cameron Highlands in West Malaysia xD

Yeah definitely

Looks like an A330MRTT

That would be suitable. The MRTT is meant for such things… xD

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A330MRTT is the designation given to A330 tankers


You don’t get what I mean haha I’ll explain… Put Cameron in the tank!!


Boeing have had so many issues with orders lately I bet they are literally giving out B747-8i’s. Funny that the Right wing government says it doesn’t want to spend thrift on “luxurious” interiors.


it is :p but it will be converted.

I know, it just looks similar :)

'@JFKPlaneSpotter101 It looks like one 'cause it is one.

This is cool. Glad we finally got our own version of AF1 (In a way…).

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Hahaha in a way is the key phrase there 😂

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Should the Queen get to fly it, bye bye air corridors.

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hahaha she’s like reclaiming the British Empire I can see it now!

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They should all fly economy class and finally remove their snouts from the trough. Or stump up for their own fares, they get paid enough.

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