Thoughts on the new update

I have been testing out the planes for the past couple of hours and have realized that the 737-700 has almost a perfect handling system because of the realistic airspeed progression during takeoff. Before you would go from 80kts to vr in seconds while now I thought it took a realistic time. I am enjoying appr mode it has been working very nicely in the 737. I am also enjoying the A-10 even though I have more crashes than landings in the plane. I have gone into intense noes spins wile pitching down which has annoyed me and caused me to throw my phone a small distance. I did throw my phone farther than the distance I flew my first attempt in the new A-10. I am happy to see an upgrade to such a legendary aircraft and hope to see more improvements with the handling. Overall enjoying the new update and I would like to know your opinions!


Don’t forget to rate Infinite Flight on the Playstore or AppStore 5 stars! I also enjoy the update 100% These new liveries are Fire 🔥

The liveries are to die for and I have already rated IF

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👏It means a lot to em, I especially love the Kulula 101 and SW liveries!

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The update is lovely. I think of the best yet. really like how the 737 flies.


My fav updates were

  1. Global
  2. This Update
  3. 787
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I love the update because it shows what’s coming next. I could only imagine an commercial airliner with moving instruments and an fully animated wing with not just the aeroilons moving when turning.

Tbh I’m not too excited about the 737 or A-10 just excited about what this update means for future updates, lol.

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I am really hoping for 737 instruments and a whole cockpit makeover it really needs it

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My favorites
2. New southwest liveries
3. everything

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Due to the fact that work was literally just done on the 737, I don’t think FDS will jump right back in to reworking it for quite a while. I agree that the cockpit is ugly though, but I personally would rather see a rework/soft rework of a different aircraft next.

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I agree that other aircraft definitely need more work but I would personally like a 737 cockpit rework because i am a hard core southwest fan

Not my cup of tea. I will say though, Infinite Flight LLC has done a wonderful with these updates. While I don’t like the A-10, I do like the 737 update and will enjoy that for quite sometime.

Happy Landings,


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Really love this update Although i haven’t buy the subscription. Especially the new added livery 737-900 :)

agree with @N1RG, could care less about the a10 but love the 737 series

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I could care less about the A-10 the 737 is where its at

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