Thoughts on the improvement of C208 and A380 texture?

As most of you will know, Infinite Flight have released on their social media 2 screenshots of the A380 and Cessna 208 with the livery texture improved. Infinite Flight have also said this will be included on the C-17. The improved textures will come with the 20.1 update. This is not a full rework, the cockpit, structure and physics will not be changed.
twitter post
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What are your thoughts on this topic? Would you like to see more of these “improved textures” on other aircraft? Feel free to discuss this in this thread!


Pretty excited. And even more excited for the potential TBM sounds on the caravan.


Me reading the post thinking they reworked the A380



Not gonna lie the new textures are going to bring some fresh life to those aircraft.


From my observation they added more saturation to the liveries? I tried to recreate the lighting but the current ones still looks as if they were covered by a thin layer of dust.


I feel no benefit of improving the texture of an A380 without improving physics and performance


I mean if the physics and performance are unchanged it’s like getting catfished


Not really as the models are still good just need some upgrades like textures etc.

They said older aircraft, this may include other aircraft too not just the 3 they have confirmed. Thats just my 2 cents, i hope i am right because the likes of the Spitfire would look awesome with a cleaner livery on it !!


Hard disagree on that one. Any improvement is a good one. Very exciting


Agreed, Spitfire would look very lovely.

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Pretty Nice

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I’m excited for the improvements. My thoughts are similar to Scott.Cooper on how I think the 3 planes mentioned might not be the only ones getting their textures improved. Looking at the previous updates, I noticed how IF always had something extra or secret like an Easter egg or another plane being worked on at the same time, but this is purely just speculation and should not be taken seriously.


Wasn’t there also a remark about the C17 being touched up too? I wonder what that entails.


It’s a double edged sword for me. On one side I’m glad that older aircraft are getting a touch up in the graphics department. The A380 looks like a giant Tylenol right now so it’s good that it’s getting better textures to make it look presentable. But on the other side, it worries me that IF will use this as an excuse to not rework old aircraft because they got a touch up in 21.1.

I think they should give every old aircraft like the A340, A380, 717, 747, 767, E-Jets etc a soft rework like what the A330 got in 19.1. That means some new liveries, updated physics, and wingflex. Because new textures mean nothing if the airplane still has outdated physics.


If they do something to my Raptor it better be good. I need that thing better than now 😬


I honestly think it’s great news, It’s a step closer towards having all aircrafts up to par.

Some of this with a little more of this on the side.

Performance is much more important than just textures… How an aircraft behaves and its aerodynamics that simulates the real world which would increase the immersion of the experience is more important in my opinion than just improving how it looks…

For the C208 at least, it’s flight physics are very good thankfully.

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