Thoughts on the Expert Server - What is currently going on, what needs to be done, and what is good.

What if along with or instead of a ghosting, users had to watch one of Mark’s tutorials (preferably one that coincided with the reason they were ghosted) before they were allowed back on the expert server? That way learning is promoted instead of just sending people to TS1 where they will more than likely regress. If someone blatantly ignores ATC/Unicom, that’s disrespectful and they should get a week to consider their actions, but if someone genuinely doesn’t know this could help. This could be hard to implement, but even a link to the tutorials along with the ghosting message could help.


Maybe after a certain number of ghosts the user can’t fly expert anymore. 5 ghosts limit possibly?


I am pretty sure there is a permanent ban held for those who have multiple ghostings in a short period of time, there is no solution for people that do not know the rules, ATC, Moderators, and people have the ability to ghost other people if they’re causing disruption or ruining the experience of others that are following the rules. Raising XP like brandon sandstorm said, is a temporary solution that will be obsolete in a month maybe two, i really dont agree with you on this, expert server has been good and this complaints usually come when there are no ATC Present, but when there is this issue goes away rather quickly when ATC is online. So this topic sir, is pointless.

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I agree with some of the things you are saying but its just the fact that changing the XP minimum or landing most likely won’t lead to an improvement in the quality of pilots. For example there are many people who either fly in a huge circle around the map or go to a field with a bunch of runways and just do touch and goes; never communicating with a controller/other pilots, flying reasonable or following the standard procedures that we want to see on the advanced server. I don’t see any way to change this to keep these people out especially since average users can’t report anymore so I think we just have to take the good with the bad. The system isn’t perfect but its certainly improving.

I don’t think raising the amount of XP or Grade will help us here and possibly cause the exact opposite of the intended purpose. If you make it harder for people to join expert, you make it harder for great pilots to join the server. What I propose is that we set up a mandatory training session before access can be granted into the Expert Server. This doesn’t have to be supervised, it can be just like the training sessions we already have. If you pass all the tests, you’re in. I do agree with the punishment system though - great thinking!

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Not to sound harsch, negative or anything. I’m all in for progress. But it seems like we’re doing this pretty often without any productive results:

And there’s a whole bunch of similar topics…

There are so many variables you need to consider, and i believe the current procedures we have are the best i’ve seen yet, including what’s been suggested before. As already mentioned, XP for one does not say anything at all about how well you behave. This topic is a perfect example of that:

As i said, i’m all in for progress and for everyone to have a better Live experience. However, it just seems like people are repeating the same suggestions over & over again without thinking everything through.

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meh, I have to add some more Salt…

Ok, so let me innovate and Propose this:-

Linking Live Account to IFC

  • How is it Useful?
    I think that Grading system is medium, but it could be better, and i am going to Propose a “Constitution”

Amendment 1: All IF live users MUST Have Active IF community account.

Amendment 2: Your TL Level Represents your Grade, So, TL0 and TL1 only in Casual and TS, And TL2+ gets access to Expert (G 3,4, and 5.).

Amendment 3: If Behavior issues/Unprofessionalism appeared on the Community, and got Flagged, he may be in a risk of a temporary Downgrade.

Amendment 4: The User must be active Atleast 1 time per 2 Weeks

Amendment 5: If bad Behaviour occured in Live, he will be in risk of a temporary Downgrade/Ban.

Amendment 6: If Bad Behaviour Kept Continuing on here and/or Live, A permaban is issued

Amendment 7: This Constitution Wont Cancel the old thing, you will still Have to Maintain Certain XP, landings and some other stuff

Amendment 8: Pilots Must Watch/Read 3 useful Tutorials per month that made by Admins

Will add more when remembering


If TL0 can only access casual they cannot learn how to use ATC. This also means people who do not spend lots of time reading the forum and don’t reach TL2 can’t fly expert

They paid for this, and maturity here doesn’t represent pilot skill[quote=“R_Jordanian, post:29, topic:126366”]
The User must be active Atleast 1 time per 2 Weeks

How does this affect whether they’ll listen to ATC?

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Oh Good, have to add a new Amendment

Edit Added @Insertusernamehere

Mr. @schyllberg… I like your style. Your ability to explain your decisioning process and take the time to rationalize publicly the bottom line is refreshing. “You do good work”! I reserved my welcome upon your designation. I’m convinced now “you da man”. Welcome Aboard, Max


Tutorials can be made by regulars too. They also don’t come out much, much less than 3 a month are made. It’s also pointless, what if you’ve seen them all? And if you already know this stuff what’s the point?

Is there a way users could be encouraged/incentivized to read over and look at the tutorials? Some people are just not going to learn, and a lot of these strategies, while innovative, seem to want to restrict access to those who prove themselves. But the best way to improve the quality of the Expert server is to educate newcomers and those who goof. The tutorials are great, but they’re mainly advertised to people wanting to learn about ATC. Possibly another series about ATC from the pilot’s perspective, or the current series so people are familiar with correct, non-TS1 ATC.

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Remember somewhere Tyler mentioned they won’t make anymore official tutorials until global so they aren’t made obsolete, but then a new series would be very useful :)


If he wasnt Good here, would he be good there? I dont think so, this enforces an improvement here and on live, 2 birds are hitten with 1 rock

Why not a refresh back? best of us can do major mistakes because he maybe forgot

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Maybe he didn’t. I think I know how to use Unicom, watching the video every 2 weeks will just annoy me

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Not necessarily the exact vid every month, Every Month you watch 3 videos that are different from the old one, Btw I threw 3 just to fill up space, it could be 1 or 2

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But I kinda know all the tutorials already? You don’t teach multiplication to a 30 year old who’s already learnt it

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I like the intent of your proposal but who will police all of this? I just think that something of this magnitude would need an extensive support cast. Watching YouTube videos doesn’t necessarily make someone better or learn. Most people are hands on just like the very foundation of this game “hands on” mobile sim. Just my 2 cents

I mean you might forgot something, think about a High Trusted Company that have the govt have to do yearly Check up to insure Quality

An Automatic System would do all This

YT Vids would make a guy to “Remember”