Thoughts on the Antonov An-225

I think this plane is first off absolutely massive! I would really love to see this aircraft be added to infinite flight. It would give pilots a new challenge at flying. What are your thoughts guys?

Wait is this supposed to be a feature request?


Is to stronk for capitalist dogs to fly. Bring great glrory to motherland Russia


Hello! Welcome to the community firstly! I would like to remind you that at the moment, You can’t request a feature on #features as you haven’t reach Member (TL2).

You can read more posts and contribute to the forum in an constructive manner in order to reach Member. Thank you for your attention 😊


I can’t post a feature request yet so I put it here.

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Is this a feature request or general discussion?

I know, I’ve been on the forums for a while now, not sure why I’m not tl2 yet…

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It’s a feature request judging he is saying that he would like to see this in IF


Don’t worry, If you come to here more often, read many topics and contribute (Post comments and give some likes) to the forum, You will reach it even before you realize it 😊