Thoughts on the A330neo

What is your favorite livery

Its very hard to say, I love all of em but as im Air Belgium VA staff (not yet approved) I gotta say Air Belgium.

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The Airbus House colors and Delta (solely because of MSP-MCO, not really a A330/neo fan).

AirAsiaX for me, too bad they’re currently in storage. I’m liking everything about the A339 other then some physics. It’s a great addition to the simulator.

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Honestly I totally see why they’d add this and how it’s beneficial. For me on a more personal level, the A330 was all I needed to satisfy me and the NEO is pretty similar so it wasn’t really great. I’m happy with it don’t get me wrong but I’m satisfied already. Would prefer to see a GA plane but I again totally see why they’d make this choice to add the NEO and it’s not a bad one.

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Like I’ve said numerous other times in numerous other places, I think the neo was an unnecessary addition (would’ve rather seen the -200 and F), but still a welcome one, kinda like @Asher said.

Great to see there aren’t such noticeable errors, like the A350’s cockpit windscreens, but my main concern is the flaps, as there shouldn’t be such a large gap between that and the wing when they’re completely extended. Nice to see the smaller things such as Azul Rosa’s reg get fixed though, thanks Laura.

The FF and burn is amazing, right now inbound FMEE and I am currently at FL380 M=0.820 and load of 29%, the flow is at approx 4,200~4,000 kg/hr!! Superb and outstanding performance!! THX the whole IF team!!! ;) :)

@Neman_Rahmani please don’t tag the staff

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OH okay, edited now!!

Thank you for reminding me!

its a great plane but its definitely not the most ''fine tuned" product ever after reviewing pictures its quite obviously the engine is copied from the a350 thats fine but give us some proper sounds for it. one key thing missing is the bark of the airbus its an iconic sound and could be added to enhance the airbus fleet in game. just simple things finish the job.

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Is the a330neo engine copied from a350?

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it looks like it ill make a side by side when I get back to my desktop there very similar I do not know if thats by design of airbus or just a choice made for the IF model.

Not a massive fan of the a330 family in general but I guess this is a good addition

quick Google search they do have the same style but internally its a different engine. I think thats acceptable for the Sim to use the same model for that particular case.


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