Thoughts on the A330neo

So yesterday 21.5 was released and with it came the A330neo of course there’s a few problems like the mask on a few liveries also some liveries weren’t added but I believe that this is because they are on order and we have no real pictures personally I love the A330neo and can’t wait to have some fun with it. Tell me your thoughts below

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A330neo thoughts eh

If the speed,weight and pitch are just right, no problem landing it at -59fpm
Also it just looks great to me

I actually think it lands smoother than the CEO

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Didn’t find it necessary at all. The better part of the update was getting almost 30 new airports


We only got 27 so closer to 30

Just like the A220, it has little to no operators, it’s just too early to add it. I would fully support an addition of both in 2-3 years, but definitely not now.

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I’m still trying to land an A330 at around that fpm

I am guessing we will see more liveries added as time progresses and airlines like Virgin and Condor have their orders fulfilled

I honeslty really like it, of course it has a few things that aren’t very good but I still really like it and the model looks beautiful and i just love how smooth it flies and its the only plane i can actually butter, I had a -11,400 (dont ask how because i dont know but i did on a 747) so its kinda hard for me to land nicely so i overall really like it and i alos love the 3D airports we got!

Hi, could you expand on what is not very good? Just being curious here.

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I love it! The model is beautful and the liveries looks super accurate. Like some of the other comments have been saying, the performance definitely is similar if not completely identical to the ceo, but I get why it would be the same since they were most likely being worked on at the same time. 10/10 overall

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Oh I believe the plane is great but ive seen a few people complain like in the mask or rosa’s callsign or how it performs but i think its great!

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As much as I find this addition unnecessary, the quality is absolutely amazing. The physics are great, looks beautiful, and flares look amazing!

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Rosa Tail number was just fixed by Lura

As a defense, I believe the devs were able to add every single -900 operator so there is no one left out.

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Oh thats nice!

It’s not even underpowered lol. It might actually be overpowered/underdragged at low altitudes again.
The A330 CEO uses like 90-95% N1 in cruise just after a climb IRL anyways. NEO is not that much more powerful.


im not complaining im saying that other people are.

Im very happy that they added the model im not complaining I feel like it works very well and it’s one of my favorite aircraft in IF if not my favorite.

Yes My favorite livery is HI Fly