Thoughts on new UI for IF?

This is not a feature request

Hello! Recently I have been reading the features category and have gone through some of the UI features. What are your thoughts on a more complicated UI system?

You can argue that this is more difficult for newer players but newer players may not have to be introduced to the systems.

Assuming they begin in the casual server, like we saw with ATC, it can be a transition.

Casual - Basic UI
Training - Moderate UI
Expert - Advanced UI

What are your thoughts on a more advanced UI? Personally, I’m all for it. Let me know below.

Good day!


Advanced in what sense? More aircraft controls? More procedures in place?


ah great idea so new pilots in the expert server have no clue what they’re doing with loads of new random buttons 🤷‍♂️😂

as if it’s not already bad enough lmao


Good, It should stay that way.

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What would this entail? What would change?

I don’t think a system like this would be “smart.” At some point the UI would be “too informative.” Adding unnecessary things like the most unimportant of switches into the UI would make it crowded (even if everything is sorted nicely together.) Other mobile flight simulators like x-plane and the aerofly series have fixed this issue by having an interactive cockpit.

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I think a system like this should not be set up by servers, but by a player choice in settings, not everyone on expert wants to fly with advanced controls and not everyone on causal wants to fly with simple controls, theres no point having it setup in servers when it could work better in settings.

I agree. I wanted to put this in the post but forgot.

Honestly, they’re just as clunky though. The amount of times I flick a switch but instead move the camera is infuriating.

I also agree that it would work better in settings. That would also mean it comes over to solo too.
I still do wonder though what kind of changes would be made? What else would they add?

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Poor execution then. I’m sure the infinite flight team can do a much better job if they ever decide to implement interactive cockpits.

Totally agree. The cockpits have some true potential

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