Thoughts on IF?

What are your thoughts on IF?

Personally, its good. Can be worked on, but it is the best for mobile :p Also mods :/


My thoughts is that we already know it’s strengths, it’s weaknesses and that there are enough letter after a-itch threads already as it is.


Great game just getting better

Infinite Flight is an absolutely amazing game. The aircraft are great, and IF Live is even better. But in my opinion, the best thing about Infinite Flight is the community. But with the C-130 released, and Global Flight (hopefully) on the horizon, this game can only go up!


I just can’t wait until real voice chat is available over the radio. Would really be amazing to talk to other pilots within radio distance.


This forum is the best thing. Really makes the whole flying ordeal much more enjoyable.


I am wanting to see a dev reply to this saying the game is awaome and the the devs are the bets

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Why would you put your thoughts in a spoiler?


What do u mean?

Debatable with some rather difficult people here.

I like the physics, found them to be good for a mobile device. The exteriors are also great, along with the interiors which sure are getting better!

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The best quality i’ve ever seen in a mobile flight sim.

I like, but I think they sould have quality over quantity.

I’ll take physics and game play over the “pretty” things. I think it’s one of the best games I own.

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