Thoughts on Hong Kong intl airport

What do you guys think about Hong Kong intl airport? Will it be included in global flight? Like no point in having Cathay Pacific livery without that airport.


Every airport will be included in global flight as far as we know.


Yes, Hong Kong will be in global flight.

This and even old Kai Tak will be included.

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DJ’s really excited for Kai Tak

Isn’t everybody? 😁

Imagine a screenshot like that taken from IF

Maybe in the next 5yrs lol

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Kai Tak (VHHX) isn’t in the Airport List.

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Cameron told me @Axel_B was doing it?

Pretty sure he meant VHHH

Well, Kai Tak is up for grabs then. Maybe you can do it?

Kai Tak is not in our database.

Can’t you create it? Move this to Slack DM.

I cant be the only person that is now getting fed up with these “will this massive internation airport be in global flight?” its GLOBAL flight, GLOBAL! and they are INTERNATIONAL aiports, INTERNATIONAL. Rant over.


Umm well excuse me buster. I don’t know the scale of which global flight will cover that’s why I’m asking.

Well if i had to have a stab at the size, i’d say it would cover the globe. Sorry to pick on you but theres been so many of these and the asnwers are always the same, its global its gong to cover the globe.

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All airports will be in global flight, not all at the same time, but eventually they will be added.

I am I badly want to do the Kai Tak final approach turn


Will we be able to fly in real time from place to place