Thoughts on everyone requesting A350 Liveries?

So what do you guys think of everyone requesting now A350 liveries in the featured category ? Is it a bit annoying that everyone’s requesting one when there’s not even an a350 yet or are you guys fine with it? Btw I’ve requested one my self so I can’t really say anything 😂


I mean a request is a request so I don’t mind.


Nothing wrong with requesting liveries for aircraft in the simulator yet :) It just shows how much people love the A350! It’s not as bad as the consistent, worthless April Fools Jokes we had to endure yesterday…


I don’t really see anything wrong with it honestly but I personally feel the A350 won’t be added anytime soon.

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I don’t mind them. Happy to see all the beautiful liveries being requested and people voicing their their opinions about them. In the end, I don’t see anything wrong/bad with them, though, I would not want the forum to be bombarded with every single A350 livery there is ut there all at once, it will in that case become annoying and many liveries will not bee seen in the crowd of requests and therefore missed and not talked about, so keeping the request volume low isn’t a bad things after all ;)


I’m not a fan of the A350 at all but to each their own. We have some excellent aircraft in IF already that I feel deserve reworks versus adding new aircraft.


what we know is there’s 3 aircrafts in development what we don’t know is which aircrafts!

some think the a350 should be added first while some think no the a330 rework should be done first while others waiting for the 777 rework,.

but what i have seen so far is the staff tends to pay attention to the most requested stuff or the most active request topics like what happened with 19.1 and the soft A330 rework being added out of nowhere, the A350 public outcry is real but public outcry doesn’t always mean the process will speed up and south American scenery update is a very good example as well as 3d buildings and clouds,.

with that being said i don’t know what goes into the process of deciding what to add in an upcoming update, keep in mind the 19.1 update was supposed to a small update which happened to have a soft aircraft rework added to the list in the last minutes, which means perhaps the upcoming update will be a much bigger deal… just my two cents"

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i highly suggest keeping the older livery topics or rework topics to be active like the a330 rework topic for example, on the other hand the 777 rework topic is barely active and i don’t know why,.

i guess maybe cause some livery request topics are old the users might just get bored and move on, like i do want the Saudia 777 or Oman Air A330 livery but those livery requests are buried deep down and are unpopular liveries so its understandable ,.


I think the a350 has the most votes now?

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yeah but the thing is can it speed up the process?! i don’t know but regardless of when the upcoming update is going to be released there’s definitely going to be some disappointment if something was not added or the other, and i am sure the staff will always have a good reason for why something was not added yet.

or they can just release an uncomplete model and there will be an A350 rework topic asking for bug fixes, flaps not working properly, physics are not right etc,… but if they decided to go ahead with that and say you know what? lets just give them something for now so the public outcry calms down and we upgrade the model later on so we can work on the other stuff in the meantime, that is also an option because the a330 soft rework did calm down the a330 rework storm.

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The devs asked for it. They can’t expect this not to happen if they’ll tease us with something that everybody on the community wants. They’re fueling the flames. Then again, if by some miracle it isn’t an April Fools joke, they’ll be keeping an eye on these requests and possibly add them to the aircraft.

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Doesn’t mind me.

Not just liveries, but a bunch of stuffs too, and they’re all valid requests.

It’s just so that when or if, the A350 came out for real, most things about it will be thoroughly, thoughtfully thought up by the devs (hopefully).
Probably would also spur breakthrough ideas within the wizards of IF themselves to make it the second role-model of what IF has to offer like the A-10… paving the way to show both subscribers and potential subscribers what this great sim could do and where its going forward.

They’re valid requests, because these customer askings aren’t like ordering mac and cheese, once served discarded for individual needs, they’re community needs so any new developments will stay and boost interest for more mobile platform simmers, if they’re not here already :)

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A350 hasn’t become yet. But it is the strongest aircraft for the future. And people want to share their thoughts and requests. If they don’t, they can forget some of the liveries. We need to know all the liveries and devs can apply the liveries on the aircraft bodies. Without livery request, there will be a huge space in the time for liveries.

I find it really annoying

I find it quite irritating how even after the developers say it will be a while they persistently request the A350 and/or liveries for it. Can’t just be happy with the vast selection of aircraft we already have.

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I think It will be added around November or October.

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I would still prefer a system where there is a single “Livery Thread” for each aircraft, where people could add options to a poll (e.g. after posting a photo in the thread) and then people could vote for their favorite options. I think that would decrease clutter, reduce duplicate posts, and make it easier to express your opinion.

Barring that, I see no issue with people operating within the existing system…


There is nothing wrong Request A350 Liveries since Feature Category stated “It is the place to request new features for Infinite Flight. These can be anything that has the potential to be added in-app.”