Thoughts on Embraer’s new E190-E2 series

Hello IFC,
What do you guys think of Embraers’ new aircraft series, I think that it looks really good. The problem I have with it is it kinda looks like a 787 and a E190 combined. The wings and engines are like the 787, but it’s an E190 too.

What do you guys think?
And no, this isn’t a duplicate topic.


For one thing, I love what Embraer have done with the paint job - that just looks 🔥🔥🔥


I do like this plane and I think that it will contribute well to helping airlines like Delta Connection and American Eagle modernize their fleet more.


I agree! The paint is good!


The engines actually remind me of an A350 or A330neo rather than a B787.

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nah more like the A320neo (they are the A320neo engines)


Yep, not the exact same ones but Pratt & Whitney‘s PW1000G Series with the remarkable turquoise colored inner paneling.

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I didn’t know that they are the a320neo engines.

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It looks so nice, hope one day I will be able to fly one, mabye I can convince my dad to give me a tour/detour at one day to Bergen to fly it

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Competitor of the A220/C-series?

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