Thoughts on an A318

Who thinks that infinite flight developers should release the A318 in BA livery?

They’re working on it. There was a pixelated pic of what i suppose is a BA A318

Hell yeah! :)

can you show me mate

It’s on Matts twitter account. I don’t have it just yet but I’ll come back to you asap

There should be an A318 and they seemingly have one in development! I have the photo buried somewhere in my PM box I’ll see if i can find it…

thanks mate

image That’s the BA A318 in my opinion. There is a pic of an IF ACJ318elite too tho.

And here’s the private ACJ318elite

do you know how long it will be till it comes out

It will come out sometime between 10 minutes and the year 2035.


No one knows. It should be in the next update though unless of course something goes wrong. Updates tend to take 3-4 months so since last update was a month ago, expect it in November or December.

The teaser shots of the plane have been coming out for months now though so perhaps it may be sooner?

~spooky voice~ Nobody knows ~spooky voice~

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